a documentary by Goran Radovanovic


Model House follows a Serbian cleaning woman who is a refugee from the Krajina region. Although she is grateful to be working, taking care of the homes of others reminds her of the home she lost during the war. Her narrative is juxtaposed with scenes from the NATO bombing, visuals of dingy refugee camps, excerpts from state television broadcasts spewing inane propaganda, and a voiceover of Milosevic intoning, among other things, “All must be sacrificed for the people, except the people.”

This is the story about an ex-Yugoslav refugee who wants to be what she once was: an ordinary woman with her own home.

Format: Beta SP
R.T: 21 min.
Year: 2001
Country: Serbia


Sound: Dragan Ceneric
Editor: Milena Arsenijevic
Music: Sasha Habic
Director of photography: Radoslav Vladic
Writer, Producer & Director: Goran Radovanovic

festivals screenings and prize list

1. Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, March 2001
2. Mediawave, Goer (Hungary), May 2001
3. International Bochumer Video Festival (Germany), May 2001 – the best Video
4. One World Film Festival, Belgrade, May 2001
5. XXII Festival International de la Video, des Arts Electroniques Locarno , August 2001
6. One World Film Festival, Bratislava (Slovakia), November 2001
7. Independent Film Festival, Osnabruck (Germany), Sep. 2001
8. Mediterraneo Video Festival, Agropoli, (Italy) Sep.2001
9. Video Balagan, Boston, September 2001
10. World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, Oct. 2001
11.Kalamata Internat. Documentary Film Festival (Greece), Oct. 2001
12. DokumentArt, Neubrandenburg (Germany) October 2001
13.Hamptons International Film Festival, New York, October 2001
14. Alternative Film Festival, Picciano (PE) Italy, October 2001 – special mention
15.Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival, New York, October 2001
16.Ekotopfilm, Bratislava, October 2001
17.Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley Art Museum, November 2001
18. One World Film Festival, Bratislava (Slovakia), November 2001
19. Den Haag Film & Video Festival, February 2002
20. Academia Film Olomouc, Zcech Republic, March 2002
21. Video Festival Tokyo,March 2002, Video Communication Award
22. Double Take Documentary Festival, April 2002, North Carolina
23. The Images Festival of Independent Film & Video, April 2002, Toronto
24. Brooklyn Academy of Music Cinemateq, New York, April 2002 (within the program:No Man`s Land:the Splintering of Yugoslavia)
25. Aachen workshop, Germany, April 2002
26. Rights To Have Rights,(Human Rigths Film Festival), Bologna-Modena, Italy, April-May, 2002
27. International Days of Documentary Film “Europe`s Point of
Con/Divergence”, Lublin, Polen, April 2002
28. Projekat Balkan – The Powder Keg?, Gdansk, Polen, April 2002
29. Festival de Cine de Huesca (within the retrospective of Yugoslav documentaries), Spain, June 2002
30. Rencontres e-motion 2002, Université Rennes , France, Oct. 2002
31. ALIEN2_ videos and films about migration, Swiss Institute, New York, Oct-Nov. 2002
32. Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, February-July 2003
33. Human Rights Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine, December 2004

Model House is a part of video collection at Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø, Norway, Russian & East European Institute of Indiana University, Universities of Toronto, Berkeley, Michigan, Arizona, Alberta, London and Graz.