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a film by Goran Radovanovic


CHICKEN ELECTIONS is a film about the contemporary society in rural Balkans. In this story an old Serbian peasant woman is trying to learn how to operate a used mobile phone given to her by her grandson, a local traffic policeman…

Finally, when she somehow learns how to use it, she dies…
Thus, this story turns into a metaphor of dying province and the absurdity of the development in transition countries…

Chicken Election is funny, sad and beautifully ironic story about solitude, depopulation, about death before death…

Original format: Digital Beta
R.T: 48 min
Year: 2005
Camera: Radoslav Vladic
Editor: Stevan Maric
Sound Editor: Aleksandar Protic
Music: Nemanja Mosurovic
Writer & Director and Producer: Goran Radovanovic
Production company: NAMA FILM, Serbia

Screening and Award list

1. 52nd International Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, April 2006, Best National Film for “Chicken Elections”
2. 52nd International Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, April 2006, FIPRESCI AWARD for “Chicken Elections”
3. Silver Wolf Nomination at IDFA for “Chicken Elections”, Amsterdam,
4. Vera International Documentary Film Festival, Aland, Finland, March 2006, Audience Award
5. The City of Belgrade Award for outstanding film achievement in 2005 for “Chicken Elections”
6. Organization Committee Award for “Chicken Elections, “Flahertiana”, Perm, Russia, 2006
7. Huesca Film Festival, Spain, June 2006
8. AVANCA 2006, Special Mention, Portugal, July 2006
9. Sarajevo Film Festival, August 2006
10. Taiwan International Documentary Festival, October 2006, PTS Audience Choice Award
11. Cinema Meditteraen, Monpellier, October 2006
12. Balkan Black Box Film Festival, Novembar 2006
13. Bucharest International Film Festival, May 2007
14. Bodrum Film Festival, June 2007

The film is aired at the following TV stations: YLE 2, Catalonia 3, Lichtpunkt, ORF, PLANET Cable, SWISS RTI, PB Singapore,

For CHICKEN ELECTION Goran Radovanovic got The City of Belgrade Award 2006