Sex, survival, Serbia, pantyhose…-what do they have in common?
The girls that came for a part in the pantyhose commercial with the slogan: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STEP IN EUROPE! PANTIES FOR EVERY OCASION: EUROLOOK FINALLY IN SERBIA TOO! – Suddenly became protagonists of a documentary entitled CASTING! reflecting the problems of transition societies.

Original format: Digital Beta
R.T: 52 min
Year: 2003
A Serbian/German co-production
Writer & Director : Goran Radovanovic
Producers: Goran Radovanovic and Elke Baur
Camera: Radoslav Vladic
Editor: Dejan Petrovic
Sound Editor: Dragan Ceneric
Music: Nemanja Mosurovic


1. Motovun Film Festival, Croatia, July-August 2003
2. 56 Locarno International Film Festival, August 2003
3. Sarajevo Film Festival, August 2003
4. Right To Have Rights, Modena, Italy, October 2003
5. 44Thessaloniki Film Festival. November 2003
6. IDFA Amsterdam, November 2003
7. Pescara Short Film Festival, Italy, December 2003
8. Alpe Adria, Trieste, January 2004
9. Freedom Film Festival, Los Angeles. January 2004
10. FEST – Film Festival Belgrade, March 2004
11. Sofia International Film Festival, March 2004, Best documentary
12. VERA Filmfestival, March 2004, Finland
13.Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival, March 2004
14. Chicago Documentary Film Festival , April 2004
15. 17th Singapore International Film Festival, April 15 , 2004.
16. “Vilnius Spring” , Lithuania, April 2004
17. Seattle International Documentary Film Festival
18. Documenta Madrid, May 2004, the prize for Best Social Values
19. Balkan black box Filmfestival, Berlin, May 2004
20. Int. Documentary Film Festival, Kassel, Germany, November 2004
21. DaKINO IFF, Bucharest, Romania, November 2004
22. International Human Rights Film Festival-2004,Kiev, Ukraine, December 2004
23. Mediterrean Film Festival, Belgium, December 2004
24. 9th International Film Festival of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, December 2004
25. Internat. Documentary Film Fest. “Voicing Silence”, Bangalore,India, December.2004
26. PlayDoc, 1. International Doc. Film Festival. Tui, Spain, Grand Prix for CASTING
27. OXDOX, 3rd Oxford International Documenatry Film Festival, October 2005

Film has been broadcast at the following TV stations:
1. RTV Slovenia
2. Cable and satellite rights for Spain and Portugal, Odissea channel
3. DUTV Philadelphia

CASTING is a part of video collection at Berkeley, College of Communication,Boston University, Russian & East European Institute of Indiana University, University of Toronto, University of Arizona, University of Washington, Monash University, University of Michigan, New York Public Library, Stanford University, University of Graz, University of London, etc.